#Only The Nationally Trending and Polarizing Black Lives Matter

For the past 2 years we have witnessed what some would call, and for some what is, the radical movement known as Black Lives Matter. In those 2 years we’ve seen the unbelievably countless loss of innocent life of all races on either side of this line we’ve drawn. I could write for days on this with how much it angers me, how much it should call for change, and how much hate it brings to life. Today however, I’m going to dig within my own views and challenge the perspective of those on the side of BLM.

I can’t speak as a black American. I can’t speak as an inner city or poor American. I can however speak on what I’ve seen and what I know, that being the incredulous amount of hypocrisy on either side of this polarizing issue. Yes police need more refined training, yes not all blacks and cops are angels, yes not all the life lost is innocent. These are things we all know but we choose to cherry-pick what we’re vocal on based on where we stand, that should come as a surprise to no one. If you stand with Black Lives Matter, if you care deeply about this movement and what it means, then you are responsible for condemning the negative parts that come with that culture.

Its always the same thing. This week we lost Terence Crutcher which has set my Facebook feed ablaze. I think there is plenty reason for the anger, there was no reason to shoot this man and justice must be served to the police officers who took an oath and swore to protect his life. However, with each death comes a series of protests, which often become violent. Protests are perfectly fine and acceptable; violent protests against violence are hypocritical, unnecessary, and have no core cause or value. What’s worse than unnecessary violent protest? Sweeping that protest under the rug in the name of your cause.

How come I never see videos like this anywhere? Not in the news and not from anyone pro-BLM? How are you going to condemn white on black crime when you refuse to acknowledge the black on white and black on black crime that flows in it’s wake? A few weeks ago, after a black police officer shot and killed a black man, riots broke out within Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A video surfaced from those riots featuring a large group of male and female black young adults shouting “Black power!”, “Beat every white person you see!” and carrying through with that.

Where did I find that video as well as the video above? Anti-BLM, pro-trump types. You know, the exact kinds of people you should be trying to reach with the Black Lives Matter movement. How are you going to get upset when BLM is referred to as a terrorist organization and a hate group if you won’t condemn the actions of these few that cause these accusations? Its painfully ironic really, BLM wants justice for the bad cops but won’t recognize the bad supporters of their own sect!

The truth of it all is that BLM is not, I repeat NOT, a terrorist organization. A hashtag cannot be labeled as such. However, there are domestic terrorists within the movement. I’m not one to use those words so loosely but I feel nothing less than correct in saying that. There are always people that feed off of violence and malicious activity and BLM gives a lot of people like that a platform and medium with which to act. The problem is, a lot aren’t facing legal consequence or even vocal disdain from the black lives matter movement. I will sum that up with; Black Lives Matter, knowingly or not, is breeding a terror-based, black power movement that must be shut down in order for people to recognize what they stand for.

I’ve never much appreciated activism. I can generally appreciate the cause and the people taking their time to represent it, however it quickly becomes angry people yelling just to yell. For the longest time I have denied BLM being a terrorist organization. When my conservative friends, family, and others would denounce BLM I’d roll my eyes. As I’ve come to realize the other side and what happens at the lower levels though, I can no longer defend it like I once could. When Donald Trump calls for Black Lives Matter to be destroyed I can hardly disagree. There are a minority of supporters actively doing something towards progress and a minority committing acts to stagnate and regress the movement. The middle 70% just get angry and yell about the last death by cop for a week or so and then fall silent until the next death.

My point is; if you want change, if you want an end to racism and equality for all, stop being the 70%. Research, propose new ideas and compromises, and look into solving ordinary black on black and black on white crime. Those last two are the key components holding back the movement from making any ground. Black Americans make up 12.3% of the population yet commit the most crime. I know that can be explained by several other factors but its still what people see and make the obvious correlation. If you want respect from the people you wish to reach you need to look inside and see what’s not working, not get angrier and yell louder. There are times to be angry, there are times to get upset at what’s happening, but you won’t end those times until you act proactively towards ending them. I did say I was pro-BLM as for what it means, and I will write again about the other side and what I feel could be changed and should be changed. The best way to stand for something is to realize you’re not impermeable and to address what your own problems with your own stance are before demanding the world change for you. You can’t build a future on a shaky or fractured foundation.



How are you even supposed to start one of these? You’d think after the very probably hundreds of papers, essays, theses, and reports (I know these are all largely the same thing, just let me live in this pseudo-scholar world I’ve built up around myself) I’ve written I’d know how to introduce a topic. Question is, what am I introducing? Do I talk about how I write? Who I am? I’ll just lay it out super easy, I’m that guy that posts paragraphs on Facebook about some new national controversy that no one really cares about nor that’s worth talking about, and then proceeds to argue with every other person that comments. I’m that guy that tweets something that makes people turn their heads (and hit the unfollow button) because its not something that can be retweeted 129,653 times and branded as “relatable”. I’m that guy who could write novels on trivial things and encyclopedias on substance. Put simply; I’m that guy.

I like to stray from labels and I typically don’t fit into too many molds, I bet you’ve never heard that one before. My opinions are definitely not static. For example, in the last 6 months I’ve changed my stance on gun control and the 2nd amendment maybe 5 different times. In my totally inconsequential opinion, that’s the way it should be. I enjoy rational thought, I enjoy perspective. No one thinks anymore, everyone just feels and emotions can be a dangerous mix with cognitive ability. It’s great that you feel one way but what does the information you have on something tell you? Sometimes the things we want to happen aren’t what should and I’ve come to respect that.

My whole shtick here on this blog is to promote free thinking, open perspectives, and create the ability to consider things rationally and on new levels. We’re losing the ability to do these things with interference such as religion, political correctness, and the pandering mass media. I need a medium to express my views, even if they don’t get read, because talking to myself drives me crazy. The idea that this is out here and the possibility that someone is reading, sharing, and promoting what I’m setting out to do makes me feel better about myself and that’s what we should all be striving to do. I hope you enjoy my contravox, or “my voice against”.