The United States of Abhorrence

I think it’s time we have a little conversation about what’s going on in the country at this current moment. A week ago we elected Donald Trump and in that week the country has erupted into tenfold the chaos that has run amok since he began his campaign. Seriously, that’s comparing 14 months to 6 days. Hyper-liberals are restless, conservatives are perplexed, all the while the rest of us are shaking our heads and pumping out multifarious Biden memes (and some of them are rather funny too). The politics are over and there is absolutely no legitimate reason for the activism to be at an all time high.

During the morning hours of Wednesday I removed all social media from my phone. My facebook, twitter, and even instagram feeds were cluttered with the most obnoxious news articles and political perversions of pop-culture (I never thought Charlie Brown would ever call anyone a libtard). There’s only so much filth I can plunge myself into and I had had enough by the time this election ran its toll. It wasn’t just the pro-Trump hypocrites that were getting under my skin but honestly more of the arrogant leftists that eat up the toxic American media by the gallon. The hate is so real in America and it’s hurting my soul, my faith in the future of this country, and most importantly, my faith in each one of you that I live amongst.

This hate is totally perpetuated by us and not by the candidates by even a marginal amount. Trump has said some less than desirable things in this election cycle and as I have said before, the way he talks with the uncanny charisma he has absolutely has the potential to invoke danger stemming outward from his supporters, but at the end of the day he is a complete moderate wearing society’s portrait of an extremist or tyrant. The problem lies with Americans that are in favor of using copious amounts of hyperbole to further their point. On the other sider of things there are legitimate concerns some people are now facing with Trump’s presidency and their uneasiness should not be delegitimized. I refuse to align myself with either side in this situation and through that stance I would like to illustrate just how much hate is truly discharging from our political platforms.


When my brother and I were younger we did innumerable amounts of the strangest things but one event in particular comes to mind when I think of the large amounts of protesting going on around the US. I cannot remember how old I must have been but regardless, my brother and I were back in our bedroom. My parents had guests or maybe it was family visiting so no one had been keeping any sort of tabs on us. I’m not really sure why we had them in the bedroom, where food and drink were never allowed, but we had a couple plastic bottles of kool-aid. These were the bottles with the twist off tops that were either red and blue. Now, for whatever unfathomable reason, my brother and I began squirting these bottles everywhere. The floors, walls, just everything. The fact of what we were actually doing to this day truly escapes me. Seeing the vibrant liquid drip from the walls and ceilings prompted my brother to run out of the room seeking a towel. Here my parents sit out in the living room whilst their child comes skipping through chanting “towel, towel, towel”, I can only imagine the sudden silence that would have descended upon the room. What I do remember from that day is my parents reaction being less of one stemming out of anger and more of an inconceivable and resounding “what the hell”.

This is exactly how I felt upon seeing these acts of protest. I guess I’m failing to understand what the plan or hope is here. What exactly are you expecting to achieve? Forever will I use this as an example of why I hate most activism. It’s pointless, in some cases juvenile, and most people just like to sit around and yell. There is nothing that can be done about Trump’s election. Whether you want to accept it or not is futile, he will be the 45th President of America. You cannot protest the man who won fair and square. In fact, that’s the point that vexes me the most. These people are taking to the streets the demands to remove this man from future power and place Hillary, who did not get to her position fair and square, in his place.

I wish I could end it there. I wish I didn’t have to address what comes next and not just because I tend to favor more liberal thinking, but because what comes next should never happen. What comes next you’re asking? I’m talking about the calls to assassination. The wishes for his early termination. I have a lack of understanding towards those who wish unnecessary death upon others. There are times where the alternatives are slim and unreachable. Times like war or moments vs. the irredeemable. I understand the world we live in and that no matter what you or I think, there will always be death at the hands of another. I accept it as fact while simultaneously possessing feelings of ambivalence on it. Calling for an assassination, or even just wishing for it, is what I believe to be evil. An attempt to silence what one to believes to be hate with their own purer hate has done the world a disservice.

If philosophy and morality cannot show you though, have you begun to think the effects an assassination on Trump would have? If Trump is our future president, that makes Mike Pence our future vice-president. If Trump is assassinated, that gives Pence the presidency. Pence is exceedingly scary, a true morally-righteous man of god. I could write another thousand words on what makes him such a terribly frightening person to have power and why Trump is an angel to me compared to him. Pence believes and supports electroshock conversion therapy for gays. Any sane and compassionate human being should be able to understand why that’s wrong and frankly, inhumane. If you, in the 21st century, have a problem with homosexual individuals as people then it’s time for you to drag your archaic, hollow soul out of the times of old and search for true compassion for others. I believe the bible says to hate the sin and not the sinner.

The left is perpetuating hatred as a means to put an end to hatred and I fail to conceptualize the logic resting behind that. Do some research and you’ll see Trump isn’t who CNN has portrayed him to be. He deserves a chance, especially one from your side of thinking. Hell, the guy is asking for it and wishes to do anything but let you down.


I’m going to try my best to put my bias aside for this. I spent most of my life more than moderately right leaning and for the last few years have completely abandoned that way of thinking because of how much hate I had filled myself with. I cannot say that all right leaning people are hateful, even marginally. Political leanings does not define whether or not you’re a good person. However, I am well aware of the hate that can easily flow its way through ideology.

Most of right sided hate isn’t hate against a certain kind of people. It’s not racism, misogyny, or homophobia. The right hates the left, and at that probably more than the left hates them. The word “libtard” illustrates that well. There are few words that invoke reactions from me, but this word is just purely stupid. Barring that “retard jokes” aren’t exactly funny to begin with, all this word does is equate another perspective to being of an extremely low intelligence. How stupid is that? I mean really. “I don’t agree with your ways of thinking so clearly you’re less intelligent than myself”. Studies have shown that conservative minded people tend to be of lower intelligence than the liberal minded and I feel that’s pretty accurate based off a fairly small group.

There are people who have reason to be afraid of Trump. Calling for deportations and things of like. Whether they’re able to be done or not is irrelevant, the fact that someone with power wants it to happen is enough to worry about. You can’t get mad or even really make fun of people that are scared of Trump, rather try to understand their position. While I don’t find Trump to be as bad as people are saying, some people have no faith in him whatsoever and that is okay. If Trump is the president you preach is the greatest then he should have no problem winning the trust of those in fear right? Or maybe it’s just some more hyperbole, huh, imagine that.

As I said, I took a break from social media last week only to return today. “There’s no way Facebook could still be a toxic community now” I though to myself and oh my was I wrong. 90% of what I saw was people requiring everyone else to show respect for Trump. That he’s the president and we’re not allowed to disrespect him. I’m sorry but for the past 8 years I’ve seen nothing but conservatives berating Obama mostly because they disagree with him. In fact I know people that hate Obama just because they’re Republican and it’s what they should be doing. How arrogant can one person be? I don’t care if you agree with him or not, Obama’s been a damn good president. Certainly one of the best we’ve had in years. He’s certainly had his blunders but what president hasn’t?

If you didn’t accept Obama there’s no way in hell you’re going to demand respect for Trump. The people saying Trump isn’t my president aren’t new, conservatives were saying that about Obama after his reelection. It’s just whining for the sake of whining. When it comes down to it, how wrong are those people anyway? Democracy did not elect Trump, it would have elected Hillary. The last I check, Hillary had won the popular vote by almost 2 million. I’d say that’s a fairly significant amount of people and had the election gone in that way, conservatives everywhere would be whining about the end times.

At the end of the day the right are just bitching for the sake of bitching. Politically centered people exasperate me and that’s what I’ve seen mostly of the right as of late. I get that it’s trendy to loathe high school and college aged liberals and insult their developing social morality, but quite finding every inventive way to do it. No matter what someone says or does or thinks there’ll always be a new way to insult it and the right love to take those disparages and utilize them in the manner of beating a dead horse. Come to think of it, I rarely even see the left berate the right in any sort of presentation like that. Maturity factors into overall intelligence, keep that in mind


We are allowing hate to flourish in our country on our own accord and not only is it unnecessary but should be completely unacceptable. I’m embarrassed that we cannot unite for the greatest possible outcomes this country can see. Our potential is defined by us, not one person. Who we can be and what we can do is only inhibited by the barriers we build amongst each other. In the modern world, a world filled with nations who wish nothing more to watch what we have crumble, you’d think we could at least stand together. Unite based on who and what we are and what we’d like to accomplish for the greater good of everyone. America is far from the great place some claim it to be but also farther from the desolation others visualize. That doesn’t mean the potential isn’t there because it is, always has been, and can be reached so long as we’re willing to strive for it as Americans and not Republicans or Democrats.


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