Spes Vincit Thronum

The day has come. Overnight it was announced that Donald Trump would be America’s 45th president. This morning I am filled with several feelings ranging from astonishment, horror, and embarrassment. This was not something I predicted, in fact his campaign was utterly laughable to me. My disappointment at most comes from the fact that this man established himself on a platform of racism and misogyny among other forms of hate, that he could ride into the presidency.

The next 4 years in American history will be something totally unprecedented and I know not of what to expect out of this man. I can say with much confidence that these things he’s been riding on will not take place. Gay marriage will not be repealed, no one will be deported, the borders will not be closed or walled off, and women will not return to a life of servitude. We have an established government with multi-faceted branches to keep all of these things in place and no one, single man will come in and shake it to pieces. In fact, I have a feeling that Trump will have no major accomplishments in his entire presidency even with an entirely Republican Congress.

My fear, my terror, comes from who this man is as a person. For the next presidential cycle, Donald Trump represents us as an entity of the civilized world. The UN, the G7, and other foreign leaders around the world see and deal with this man as the culmination of America. A man that denies climate change, has no sense of professional language, behavior, or conduct and, worst of all, is in favor of using nuclear armaments is who our military will salute starting in January.

Regardless, I look to the future with hopeful and gleaming eyes. 4 years of this vile man’s “great America” will be enough to put this country in a very progressive place. There will be no one in this country not willing to make every possible stride forward after these next few step backs we have to endure. I look to the 20’s to be America’s greatest era, maybe even the greatest era of any country. I see massive calls for change, times of peace, rapid technological development, and tremendous breakthroughs in all major aspects and fields. However, that vision cannot be a reality unless we strive for it now. Now is the time to push for education, mass amounts of funding, and significant sociological developments.

To start, we need to end our divisions we’ve drawn amongst ourselves. End our racial, sexual, and political divides. We must cleanse ourselves of the hate we have bathed in for oh so long. Toxicity is a cancer of the personality and the soul. It clouds our ability to reason, cooperate, rationalize, take perspective, and, most importantly, love. There is no cure, no treatment, it is very terminal but all the while it is very avoidable. Just because we put one of the most despicable men in the White House does not mean we must abide by his ideology and practice. it does not mean we have to adopt his culture of fear and hate. What it does mean is that the system has failed us and that this is our calling to unite as citizens.

The president is nothing more than a figurehead and has no power that is not given to him by the people. Even with a full Congress, even with countless supporters, we all have a say in what’s best for us. Whether that be formally or informally, large scale revolt or personal rebellion, If you want change, the day to begin fighting for it is today. Today we enter a new period of history, and how future generations look back on it is up to us. Make it count.


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