Divided and Conquered

I can’t be the only one who’s excited for tomorrow for every reason other than what tomorrow actually is can I? I mean seriously, no more debates, no more massing numbers of hyper-political people on the internet. The last two months especially have been absolutely and abhorrently toxic in this country. The lack of respect we’ve embraced ourselves in towards those of other views and perspectives is entirely disgusting.

I’ve seen numerous posts of vandalizing the yards of Trump supports and giving handicapped stickers to those on the side of Clinton. It’s come so far that there was an assassination attempt on Trump at a really very few days ago. To even consider the fact that there has been garnered support for that is completely unfathomable to me. We have a problem in this country and it’s more than the two running to control it.

We have been institutionally divided from each other. We have been institutionally told that those not with us are totally wrong and absurd.We have been institutionally divided and separated for the gain of politicians.


I happened to come across this scrolling through Facebook this morning. All I can say is how dare you. How dare you claim to stand on these sides as a feminist or LGBQT activist and continue to then shame what they believe in. These are people, and like all people, they have their own agendas. All I see looking at this is an angry high schooler living in a black in white world. If you want what is best for people then you support what they stand for.

I’m very disgusted in how we see each other. You don’t make America great again by pegging democrats with every mental disability in the book just like how you can’t find social justice by calling everyone against you a simple deplorable. We’ve been shoehorning ourselves into these ideologies only to complain about who the leader is and what they do.

No one should feel they have to vote for someone because of any reason other than the fact that they best represent one’s interests.”I’m voting Trump because Hillary is absolutely evil”, “I’m voting Hillary because Trump should never be allowed near the oval office”, “I’m not voting because these are the worst two candidates in history”. This election has turned us into the biggest joke the world’s ever seen.

I’ll wrap this up with two things; we need to stop creating divisions from each other in our political ideologies and end the shoehorned parties. We simply cannot stand as one against our enemies when we refuse to work together to overcome our domestic problems. I despise both Clinton and Trump. Totally refuse to cast my vote in either of their directions. I do not hate the supporters on either side however. I cannot begin to understand how either of them have the supporters they do BUT if these people truly believe that either of are best fit for the future of this country then I want them to vote in that direction. That is how we need to approach these situations, with respect.

Lastly, quit voting for people for the reason of them being a buffer for someone else. It’s a completely wasted vote if you choose Clinton over Trump because she’s your lesser evil. Research policies, third parties, or just don’t vote. Other people should not be able to pressure how you choose the next 4 years of our country, especially when its the same people that care so much about you “exercising your number 1 natural right.”

I don’t know who you plan on casting your vote for tomorrow, but do it in purity. Vote with your heart as much as your mind. Question your motives as you would question your candidate’s. Walk into that booth with purity and leave with the same purity. Vote for yourself and not for someone else. That is how we’ll make America great again.


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