Rippin’ out babies n’ stuff

At this point I believe we only needed the first debate and maybe not even that one. I’ve heard quite enough from these two lummoxes and I feel like at this point everyone should have too. Last night Mr. Trump said something something Hillary is an evil woman something something she’s going to let them kill children the day they’re due. In response, to my surprise, Hillary said something totally admirable. I’m not even joking when I say I still think I made it up in my head. Hillary refuted with a small description of what she’s seen in other countries; forced abortions and forced carrying to term. She ended that with, and I quote, “This is one of the worst possible choices that any woman and her family has to make and I do not believe the government should be making it.”

I can say with total honesty that this is the only pure thing I have heard in the last 4 months from these candidates. If I planned on voting between these two, Hillary would’ve won my vote just on that (if only it were that simple). How any woman can cast their vote for Trump and give him the ability to restrict her choices is simply… well… I’m not sure I have a word for it.

The fear mongering that Trump and the government in general do are simply horrific. What’s even worse is the amount of people that buy into it without doing their own research, forming their own opinions, and making their own stands. Which brings me to what I’d like to talk about today; abortions and this conceptualization that we can legalize morality.

The pro-choice vs. pro-life “fight” is frankly, bullshit. Pro-life is not a real standpoint except in maybe 1% of those who identify that way. I took this to another level by asking a couple people around campus today how they stood on the issue and questioned them harder when they stated they were “pro-life”. A grand majority of these “lifers” supported violent eradication of ISIS and other US defined enemies, knew nothing about the egregious foster care and adoption system in this country, nor cared much for the poor in this country and around the world. How can you stand in support of life if you wouldn’t think twice about our government dropping an atomic bomb on the Middle East? How can you stand in support of life if you care no more about the child’s life once it exits the womb? How can you stand in support of life if you think poor people are lazy and need to get off their starving asses? tells me that there are more than 400,000 children circling through foster care and that grows by the day. Many of these children will not be adopted. What angers me the most about “pro-lifers” is that they’re willing to let a child mentally suffer in foster hell for 18 years just so that they can scratch their moral itch and “prevent a tragic death of an innocent baby”. There are people in this world that should never birth children. Absolutely disgusting people in this world that don’t even want them but because someone’s god demands their birth, they must be brought into this world. You want some enticement to leave your crooked righteous morality behind? Here’s a video of a baby born addicted to heroin.

How do you feel about abortion now? What’s better, preventing life from existing or allowing life to flourish in anguish?

Trump’s fear mongering of late term abortions, specifically the day before the due date, are disgusting accusations.

Percentage of 2012 Reported Abortions by Weeks of Gestation* (CDC):

≤6 wks 7 wks 8 wks 9 wks 10 wks 11 wks 12 wks 13 wks 14-15 wks 16-17 wks 18-20 wks ≥21 wks
34.9% 17.7% 13.2% 8.7% 5.8% 4.8% 3.6% 2.7% 3.5% 1.8% 1.9% 1.3%

90% of all abortions happen in the first trimester with most in the first 6 weeks. In 6 weeks there is no child, no baby, no person, its this;


That clump of molecular biology is 1/25th of an inch long. If we were to pull that out and set it free into the world, how would it fare? If it can’t live without the mother’s body that makes it her choice on what happens to it not yours, Trumps, or Gary’s from down the street. Even if it could live without the mother, it is her choice what happens to her child. If she believes that she would make an unfit mother and would rather not add to the endless list of those heartbroken children waiting to love someone, she has every right to make that choice to abort the pregnancy.

The other 10% of abortions happen in extreme circumstances. After 21 weeks abortions are not permitted unless a case such as the pregnancy endangering the woman’s health arises. No one should have a problem with that because no woman should become a martyr for her child or someone else’s morality.

When you try to legalize parameters on abortion it becomes way too tricky because its based out of morality. Everyone has a totally different sense of morality and everyone definitely should. I don’t care what religion you practice, how many children you’ve popped out or adopted, or what your moral code says is right; you can’t make something illegal based on a group of people’s sense of morality.

That’s all it comes down to really, if you don’t like abortion don’t get one. There are plenty of this children on this earth that need “good people” like yourself. In addition, I don’t think its any one man’s call on this issue. Abortion is not a man’s concept and a man should not be able to make these calls on a woman’s behalf. Abortion is not an easy choice, I’ve spoken to people who have gone through with them and it very noticeably has an effect. If you want to look down on a woman for refusing to bring a life into the world that she cannot promise anything to, so be it, but you are truly the morally corrupt one if you think anyone else should get a say in her right to make that choice.


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